Handcrafted Cocktails

At Eaton Square Bar, we love to use seasonal products and enchant our guests with new cocktail creations. This is why we update our menus regularly.

Our Wine Cellar

''Great wines require a madman to grow the wine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it and a lover to drink it.''
- Salvador Dali

We're really excited to be the proud, new owners of a Coravin Wine Access System which will allow us to make some really spectacular wines available to you by the glass. The device inserts a thin, hollow needle through the cork of the wine bottle which enables you pour out the wine. The bottle is then pressurised with gas (which has no effect on the wine) and when the needle is removed the cork simply re-seals itself, continuing to protect the wine as if it had never been opened! It's Wine Witchcraft! We'll update you on all the fabulous wines we can now share with you over the coming weeks. Cheers!